A better way to care for patients

At Alpine Bone & Joint we do things a little differently.

In the more than 40 years since we opened our doors in Reno, Nevada, healthcare has changed tremendously. While we embrace the technology and advancements that have led to better results in orthopaedic outcomes, we have chosen to keep the patient firmly at the center of what we do. This patient-centered approach to orthopaedics is not one adopted by every physician, but we believe it leads to better care, better recovery, and a better quality of life.

You will see a doctor on your first visit and every visit. Dr. Hayes or Dr. Fyda will examine you and take your history. They will thoroughly explain your diagnosis and discuss your treatment options so you can make an informed decision about your care. In fact, you should be prepared to spend a bit of time with your orthopaedic doctor.

It’s just the way we do things.