About Us

When something works you stick with it.

As the name suggests, Alpine Bone & Joint is a medical practice specializing in the care of bones and joints, more commonly called orthopaedics. Alpine Bone & Joint first opened its doors in 1964 and during its 48-year history only a handful of orthopaedic surgeons have built their careers at 845 Aitken Street.

Today you will find Dr. Richard Hayes and Dr. Thomas Fyda at the helm of the practice. Both are board certified as general orthopaedic surgeons and both have pursued additional training in subspecialties offering their patients even more depth of knowledge and skill. Dr. Hayes is a fellowship-trained foot and ankle specialist and Dr. Fyda is a fellowship-trained sports medicine specialist.

Although our name has changed over the years, and mergers and buyouts have been suggested, the physicians of Alpine Bone & Joint have always chosen to maintain their autonomy and independence. They have chosen not to compromise on the way they care for patients.

Start by respecting your patient.

Some call it a “patient-centered” approach or “patient-friendly,” but from our perspective, it comes down to respect for our patients.

We respect your health concerns and have structured our practice so that new patients can be seen by one of our doctors in a reasonable time frame–in most cases within a few days.

We respect your intelligence and your opinion, so we actively engage you in decision making related to your care.

We respect your time and will not make you sit for hours in our waiting room when you have a scheduled appointment.

We think respect is an essential part of the healthcare experience.